Prime Industrial Components

Prime Industrial Components manufacturer of threaded inserts for plastics. We involve an entire line of brass inserts for all method of fitting, as well as: ultrasonic, heat, thermal, and press-in and mold-in. Prime can also custom design and manufacture threaded inserts for most purpose. Our company stocks large stock of the most accepted style of brass inserts, which consist of: Tapered Inserts, Straight Hole Inserts, Symmetrical Inserts. Our standard line is brass in a variety of styles and sizes. Our threaded inserts start at 1/8” for inch threads and M1.6 for metric threads. We recommend the most extensive variety of lengths for ultrasonic inserts and thermal inserts in the engineering.


We are proud to be named as one of leading manufacturers of Brass Components from India, specializing in following sectors; Brass threaded inserts, Our Product range also includes brass male female inserts for PPR Fittings, CPVC Fittings, UPVC Fittings and PVC Fittings.


 Range of brass inserts products :

Threaded inserts | Brass inserts | Brass inserts for PPR fittings | Inserts for CPVC fittings | Knurled nuts | Helical inserts
Brass left right knurling inserts | Brass terminal inserts | Brass inserts for wood | Ultrasonic inserts | Molding inserts | Brass press in inserts 
Insert for plastic | Metal Inserts |  Inserts for injection molding | Thumb screw